Blueline has sourced the highest efficiency energy conversion systems available in the world market. These inverters have been manufactured with a harsh Australian climate in mind, designed to run cooler and more efficient in a warm environment.

The Blueline MI, AC and XT ranges offer customers the choice and flexability to suit all needs.

Blueline Solar's product lines are of the highest quality available in today's market. Each product has been assembled under strict control standards using the best materials available in the world market. Blueline testing procedures not only test under harsh climates but also for longevity resulting in a reliable and sound long term investment.












Engineered in the USA, Blueline AC technology offers the cutting edge of safety, reliability and performance. With 25 year warranties on the built in micro inverter system and 30 year materials warranty on the XT panels you can be sure you are getting the best.

AC technology incorperates integrated micro inverters into its superior XT solar panels revolutionising how solar energy is harvested from the sun. A traditional string setup suffers from many drawbacks including high DC voltages which can cause PID and have a danger of Arcing.

The AC technology individualises the performance of each panel and has amazing reporting and monitoring software that allows you to see how your system is performing from your computer, iPad or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Put simply it is more reliable, flexible, offers higher performance and greater safety than old style traditional PV systems.




Below are some basic and popular system sizes. Of course with the amazing Blueline AC product you can do just about any size system. From 1 to 250 panels is easy and simple. Upgrading your system is also a simple process as there are no traditional string inverters limiting the capacity of your system. With your 250 watt Blueline XT/AC system flexability and reliability are key performance factors.


Product Code

Qty Panels

(250 watts)


Micro Inverter 

Total system size 



250 watts

750 watts



250 watts

1.5 kw



250 watts

2 kw



250 watts

3 kw



250 watts

3.75 kw



250 watts

4.5 kw







Blueline solar's premium MI range is unique combining safety, performance and communications options never before seen in the PV industry. The extended warranties show we stand by the product we sell.

            and 25 years on the power optimisation system.


The MI Inverter Family

MI3000, MI4000, MI5000
Download MI brochure information.pdf

Blueline MI Premium  Kits

 Kit NameModulesNo of PanelsPanel Max OutputInverter


Blueline XT         8 250 watts   MI3000
BMI309 Blueline XT         9 250 watts MI3000
BMI3010 Blueline XT         10 250 watts      MI3000
BMI3012 Blueline XT         12 250 watts MI3000
BMI3014 Blueline XT         14 250 watts    MI3000
BMI409 Blueline XT        9 250 watts   MI3000
BMI4010 Blueline XT                      10    250 watts     MI4000
BMI4012        Blueline XT                                  12 250 watts     MI4000
BMI4014 Blueline XT         14 250 watts   MI4000
BMI4016      Blueline XT                16 250 watts     MI4000
BMI4018 Blueline XT  18 250 watts MI4000
BMI4020 Blueline XT  20 250 watts   MI4000
BMI509 Blueline XT   9 250 watts   MI4000
BMI5010    Blueline XT                        10             250 watts    MI4600
BMI5012 Blueline XT         12 250 watts MI4600
BMI5014 Blueline XT       14 250 watts   MI4600
BMI5016 Blueline XT       16 250 watts   MI4600
BMI5018 Blueline XT       18 250 watts    MI4600
BMI5020 Blueline XT       20 250 watts   Mi4600


Blueline solar EV range.

Offering top quality without breaking the bank. Blueline solars EV range give extra value without sacrificing on quality.
The wide voltage range and long warranties will allow years of trouble free operation.


Kit NameModulesNo of PanelsPanel Max OutputInverter
EV1506 Blueline XT        6  250 watts    EV1500
EV1507 Blueline XT        7  250 watts EV1500
EV2008 Blueline XT        8  250watts GS2000
EV2009 Blueline XT        9 250watts GS2000



Blueline Warranty

Solar Modules - 30 Materials warranty - Glass, Cells Framing. 25 year linear power output warranty,