Blueline Solar Customer Dvd:

Blueline Solar’s product lines are of the highest quality available in today’s market. Each product has been assembled under strict control standards using the best materials available in the world market. Blueline testing procedures not only test under harsh climates but also for longevity resulting in a reliable and sound long term investment.

Its distribution network is considered one of the best in Australia. Each distributor has carefully selected to compliment Blueline’s premium brand focussing on quality, longevity and a unique customer service experience.

When dealing with an approved distributor you also receive a customer satisfaction commitment from Blueline giving you peace of mind you are receiving the best quality, product, installation and service in the industry.




Blueline Solar is working with the Office of Fair Trading to assist consumers with the replacement of Avanco switches.

The Avanco importer was originally responsible for the replacement. When they closed down a significant void was left and a large number of customers left with units requiring replacement.

The Office of Fair Trading has received assurances from Blueline, who supplied these units in good faith, that they intend to stay in business and to honour all replacements.

In order to do this, and due to the volume, not all consumers can be assisted immediately.  Blueline are working through their lists of affected customers to replace all units.

If you have queries about the replacement status of your unit you should initially contact Amanda (Blueline) on 1300 323 825.